Thursday, October 6, 2011

le maladie...

Well, nearly a month after I have arrived in Paris, I have finally contracted my 1st cold.
Oui, je suis malade! :(

I'm congested, coughing and to make matters worse, even the weather isn't on my side because it is pouring outside.  I was supposed to visit the second school I will be teaching at today, but I could barely make it to the boulangerie to buy a baguette, so I will be bed ridden today.

I have been chugging tea, orange juice and water all day because I refuse to take medication and prefer to handle this a more holistic and natural way.  I'm hoping that this will not ruin my weekend, but at this point its hard to say.  I've been avoiding communication because my French is already bad and the congestion is making it worse.  However, the plus side is that its much easier to sound out the French "nasal 'n' sound" when you're sick!

In other sad news, Steve Jobs lost his battle to cancer and passed away.  When I heard this news, I was deeply saddened by this because the optimist in me really hoped he would fully recover.  As I type this post on my Macbook Pro laptop, I can't help but be thankful for the innovations Steve Jobs has provided to a generation.  Within his wisdom he redefined how people used the computer, listened to music and communicated with others.  I hope now that he has been laid to rest, he can finally be at peace....he will surely be missed.

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